(doe-jen-shee) Manga created by fans or amateur artists.
(skan-lay-shun) sometimes referred to as scanslation, is a term used for manga which has been scanned and translated by manga fans from its native language (usually Japanese or Korean) to a Western language, commonly English, French or Spanish.

Welcome to Doujinshi Translations!
This is the site where I will post all of my completed scanlations for your viewing. Currently I only own three doujinshi, and because of that minor limitation, that's all that you'll be able to view for the time being. In the future, I hope that people will be able to send me scanned pages that I can then translate and put up on my site.

Please note that all Doujinshi on this site will not be flipped, and must be read from right to left.

All of the doujinshi belong to their respective artists, and I maintain that I have altered it in no way other then to translate and clarify what is going on. It is very difficult to get an exact translation-especially for someone of my inferior skill. I merely strive to translate them as clearly and accurately as possible so that they can be enjoyed by English speaking fans.